Complaint Email About Parking in Front of House – Sample Email to RWA Complaining About Parking in Front of House

To: _________@____.__
Bcc/Cc: _________@____.__

From: _________@____.__

Subject: Complaint about parking issues

Respected Sir/ Madam,

This is to most humbly inform you that my name is ___________ (name) and I have been residing at ___________ (address) in __________ (society name) for the last ___________ (mention the duration).

I am writing this in reference to the issue that I am referring to regarding the consistent parking of vehicles at the gate of my house. It has turned out to be a recurring problem, which causes frustration and inconvenience to me often. I have to wait for the vehicles to be removed from the gate to move out of my residence, which affects my daily activities.

I write this to request your prompt action in this regard. I believe that you will instruct guards to avoid parking at the gates which will highly elevate the issue and help in easy movement.

I trust that you would recognize the seriousness of this matter.

Thanking you,

[Digital Signature]
___________ (Your name),
___________ (Contact details)

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