Out of Work Email Due to Back Pain – Sample Email Notifying Absence Due to Back Pain

To: _________@____.__ Bcc/Cc: _________@____.__ From: _________@____.__ Greetings of the Day! Thank you very much for contacting me via email. Unfortunately, I am currently out of office due to severe back pain due to which I am on leave for _________________ (number of days) i.e. __/__/____ (date) till __/__/____ (date). During this time, I will not … Read more

Out of Office Email Due to Sickness – Sample Email Notifying Absence Due to Illness

To: _________@____.__ Bcc/Cc: _________@____.__ From: _________@____.__ Subject: OOO (Out of Office due to sickness) Greetings! Thank you for getting in touch with me. Unfortunately, I am currently out of office due to the reason that I am suffering from _________________ (mention sickness – fever/ cold/ cough/ any other illness). Unfortunately, I __________ (am not sure … Read more

Five Sample Out of Office Message – 5 Out of Office Message Examples for Absence from Work

Going out of the office for a few days and need help with the professional out-of-office sample? Here are 5 out-of-office templates for you to use as an autoresponder email.  Out-of-Office is a term used for auto responding feature for your email account that enables the sender to know that you are unavailable. In the … Read more

5 Sample Templates for Out of Office due to Sickness – 5 Out of Office Messages Sample for Office Due to Illness

Sample 1: Out-of-Office Sample for Email due to Sickness Hello, Thank you for reaching out to me in my inbox. I am saddened to inform you that due to sudden illness ____________ (mention sickness) I am out-of-office for ____________ (mention duration) from __/__/____ (date) till __/__/____ (date). This is to inform you that I will be … Read more