Intimation Email to Insurance Company for Mediclaim – Sample Email Notifying Insurance Company about Mediclaim

Subject: Intimation Regarding Mediclaim

Dear __________ (Insurance Company Representative),

I am writing to inform you about a recent medical claim that needs to be processed under my policy.

Policyholder Details:
Name: __________ (Policyholder Name)
Policy Number: __________ (Policy Number)
Policy Type: __________ (Policy Type)
Date of Incident: __________ (Date of Incident)
Nature of Illness/Injury: __________ (Nature of Illness/Injury)

Hospitalization Details:
Hospital Name: __________ (Hospital Name)

Hospitalization Intimation Mail – Sample Email Notifying Hospitalization

Subject: Intimation of Hospitalization – Employee ID __________

Dear __________ (Name of the Relevant Authority),

I am __________ (Your Name), a __________ (Your Position) at __________ (Your Company). My employee ID is __________ (Your ID).

I am writing to formally inform you about my hospitalization due to __________ (Specify reason). The hospitalization occurred on __________ (Specify date), and I am