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Electronic Mail or more popularly referred to as E-MAIL is a method to digitally communicate and is probably one the most common and accepted method to communicate online i.e via the internet. E-mail has overshadowed the use of paper-based mail for many purposes primarily because of its convenience to communicate over long distances, low cost, record keeping, traceability, etc.

Email allows users to send and receive messages, files, documents, images, etc. over the internet with a click and that is the reason that it is a widely accepted form of professional communication. E-mails are a fast and convenient way to exchange information and stay connected with others.

To send and receive e-mails, one needs a valid Email address. An email address is an electronic identity/ address for users, enabling them to send and receive messages. Email addresses are used for a wide range of purposes, i.e for personal communication, business communication, or even for important online account registrations.

Owing to their popularity & acceptability, e-mails have become an integral part of day-to-day communication. However, many times users face challenges writing e-mails due to lack of clarity on the subject, need assistance with professional writing, etc. To cover & help our readers, we at shall provide our readers with sample emails, ready-to-use email templates, email tips & tricks to improve productivity, etc.

Our extensive collection of sample emails available on is guaranteed to assist you.

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