Weekend Working Mail Format – Sample Email Format for Weekend Work

To   : ____________ (Enter Receiver's Email Address)
Cc   : ____________ (Enter Carbon Copy Receiver's Email Address)
Bcc : ____________ (Blind Carbon Copy Receiver's Email Address)

Subject: Request for Weekend Work Approval

Dear __________ (Name of the Supervisor),

I am __________ (Your Name), a member of the __________ (Your Department) at __________ (Your Company). I am writing to request approval for working during the upcoming weekend.

I am currently working on a crucial project that requires additional time to meet the deadlines. Understanding the importance of timely completion, I am seeking permission to work during the weekend to ensure the project success.

Details of Weekend Work:
Dates: __________ (Specify the dates)
Reason: __________ (Briefly explain the urgency)
Tasks to be Accomplished: __________ (List the tasks)

I assure you that the extra effort during the weekend will contribute significantly to the project success. I am committed to ensuring all tasks are completed efficiently.

I shall be obliged for your approval of this request. Your understanding and support in this matter are highly appreciated.

Thank you for considering my request.


__________ (Your Name)
__________ (Your Position)
__________ (Your Contact Information)

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