Complaint Email to Bank for Poor Service – Sample Email Complaining to Bank Manager

To:        _________@____.__ (Receiver’s email address)
Bcc/Cc: _________@____.__ (Bcc/ Cc receiver’s email address)

From:   _________@____.__ (Sender’s email address)

Subject: Complaint about Poor Service

My name is _______ (Name), and I hold a _________ (type of account – savings/current/any other) account in your bank with account number __________ (mention number).

I am writing to inform you that I have made a request for _________ (issuance of chequebook/ passbook/ any other). Additionally, it has been ___ (days) since I made the request, and no action has been taken.

It is disappointing that your bank is taking so much time for this simple request. I kindly request you to look into this matter and resolve it as soon as possible.

Thank you,
_________ (Name),
_________ (Contact details)

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