Printer Complaint Mail Format – Sample Email Format for Printer Complaint

To   : ____________ (Enter Receiver's Email Address)
Cc   : ____________ (Enter Carbon Copy Receiver's Email Address)
Bcc : ____________ (Blind Carbon Copy Receiver's Email Address)

Subject: Urgent: Printer Malfunction Report

Dear __________ (IT Support Manager Name),

I am __________ (Your Name), a member of the __________ (Your Department) at __________ (Your Company). I am writing to report a technical issue with the printer located in our department.

I am __________ (Your Position) and my employee ID is __________ (Your Employee ID). The printer-related details are as follows:

Printer Details:

Printer Model: __________ (Specify the printer model)
Location: __________ (Specify the location of the printer)
Issue Description: __________ (Briefly describe the issue, e.g., paper jam, printing errors)
I am unable to fulfill my printing requirements due to this issue, impacting my work efficiency. I kindly request your prompt attention to resolve this matter at the earliest convenience.

I shall be obliged for your immediate action to rectify the printer malfunction. If additional information is required, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your prompt assistance.


__________ (Your Name)
__________ (Your Position)
__________ (Your Employee ID)
__________ (Your Contact Information)

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