Booking Taxi Email – Sample Email to Book Taxi

To   : ____________ (Enter Receiver's Email Address)
Cc   : ____________ (Enter Carbon Copy Receiver's Email Address)
Bcc : ____________ (Blind Carbon Copy Receiver's Email Address)

Subject: Taxi booking request for ______ (date)

Respected sir/madam,

I am _________ (name) and I got to know about the taxi service that your travel company is offering in _______ (mention location).

This email is to inform you that I have to go from ________ (mention location) to ________ (mention location) on __/__/____ (date) for __________ (no. of days) for ____________ (mention purpose – business trip/ office work/ tourism/ any other). I am in need of a _________ (type of car) with _______ (4 seats /5 seats/ 7 seats / 9 seats/ any other) taxi for ________ (number of passengers) on the said date.

I would request you to kindly inform me about the availability of the vehicle and also share the quote for the journey so that I can confirm the booking.

Thanking you,
_______ (Your name),
_______ (Contact details)

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