Notification of Update to Dorm Front Desk Hours – Sample Email to Notify Residents About Change of Front Desk Hours

To   : ____________ (Enter Receiver's Email Address)
Cc   : ____________ (Enter Carbon Copy Receiver's Email Address)
Bcc : ____________ (Blind Carbon Copy Receiver's Email Address)

Subject: Change of front desk hours

Respected __________,

This is to inform all the residents of ___________ (name of the dorm) that the front desk hours have been changed and revised as a conclusion of the meeting held on __/__/____ (date). The timings are changed from __:__ (time) to __:__ (time) and you are hereby informed to kindly reach the front desk for any help during the said hours only.

In this regard, do feel free to reach us at [email protected]___.__ (email address).

[Digital Signature – if applicable]
____________ (Signature)
____________ (Name),
____________ (Contact details)

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