Lost Item in Park Report Email – Sample Email for Reporting a Lost Item in the Park

Subject: Report of Lost Item in Park

Dear __________ (Park Authority/Management),

I am contacting you to report a lost item in __________ (Park Name) on __________ (Date). The incident took place around __________ (Time), near the area of __________ (Specific Park Location, e.g., Children’s Playground, Picnic Area, Walking Trail).

Detailing the Lost Item:

Category: __________ (General Category, e.g., Electronics, Personal ID, Apparel, Financial Items, Luggage)
Item Name: __________ (Please specify the lost item(s): e.g., Smartphone, Driver’s License, Sunglasses, Wallet, Backpack/Other)
Features: __________ (Key Characteristics, e.g., Make, Model, Color, Unique Marks)

For any required follow-up, here are my details:

  • Name: __________ (Your Name)
  • Telephone: __________ (Your Phone Number)
  • Email Address: __________ (Your Email Address)

I request your aid in the search for my lost item. Please advise on the protocol for lost and found items and any additional information needed from my end.

Your prompt action on this matter would be greatly valued. Awaiting your guidance and response.

Best regards,

__________ (Your Name)
__________ (Your Address)

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