Request Email for Disabled Parking Space – Sample Email Requesting for Disabled Parking Space in Apartment

To:        _________@____.__ (Receiver’s email address)
Bcc/Cc: _________@____.__ (Bcc/ Cc receiver’s email address)

From:   _________@____.__ (Sender’s email address)

Subject: Request for Disabled Parking Space


I hope that this email finds you well. I am __________ (name), and I write this email to make a formal request to get disabled parking space in your apartment i.e. __________ (name of the apartment).

I would bring to your kind attention that I am residing as a tenant at your residence for the last ________ (mention the duration) under the mutual contract number ___________ (mention the contract number). I am writing this email to request you for the allocation of a disabled parking space at our apartment to accommodate individuals with disabilities. This will be helpful for disabled individuals as it would greatly enhance parking accessibility and convenience for those who require them.

I most humbly request your kind understanding in this matter and provide a disabled parking space within the premises.

In case, you have any inquiries or require further information in this regard, please contact me at ______________ (contact number). Your kind consideration and quick action in this regard will be highly thankful.

___________ (Your name),
___________ (Contact details)

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