Leave Request Email to Manager for Mother’s Operation – Sample Email for Leave due to Mother’s Health Problem

To:        _________@____.__ (Receiver’s email address)
Bcc/Cc: _________@____.__ (Bcc/ Cc receiver’s email address)

From:   _________@____.__ (Sender’s email address)

Subject: Request for Leave due to Mother’s Operation

Dear ______ (Sir/Madam),
It is to most humbly inform you that my mother is going through ________ (disease name), and for which, an operation has been scheduled for __/__/____ (date) at __________ (mention hospital name).

Therefore, I write to request leave for ____ (days) so that I will be able to look after my mother.

I shall be highly obliged for your kind consideration & quick approval.

For further queries, you may contact me at ________ (mention contact number).

Thanking you,
__________ (Name),
__________ (Employee ID number)

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