Hardware Request Email – Sample Request for Hardware Purchase Email

To:        _________@____.__ (Receiver’s email address)
Bcc/Cc: _________@____.__ (Bcc/ Cc receiver’s email address)

From:   _________@____.__ (Sender’s email address)


I humbly inform you that my name is ________ (name), and I work as a _________ (designation) having employee ID _________ (employee ID).

I am writing this email to bring to your attention the hardware requirements for my ongoing project _________ (project name). I request the issuance of the required hardware. Please find attached a list of hardware needed for the successful completion of the project.

I hope for your prompt approval to prevent any future inconvenience. You can reach me at __________ (Contact details) if needed.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
_________ (Your name),
_________ (Employee ID),
_________ (Contact details)

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