Salary Clearance Request Email – Sample Email to the HR Manager Requesting for Final Salary Clearance

To   : ____________ (Enter Receiver's Email Address)
Cc   : ____________ (Enter Carbon Copy Receiver's Email Address)
Bcc : ____________ (Blind Carbon Copy Receiver's Email Address)

Subject: Requesting final clearance

Respected sir/madam,

My name is ____________ (name) and I have been working in ___________ (department) of your reputed company for last ___________ (duration). My employee ID is __________ (employee ID).

This is to most humbly bring to your notice that I have resigned from my job on __/__/_____ (date) and I have cleared all the dues and completed all my pending jobs. In this regard, I would like to request to kindly clear my dues and proceed with full and final salary payment. I have received the relieving letter for __________ (mention date).

This is to request you kindly get the clearance done and process my final salary. I shall be highly obliged if the same could be done at the earliest.

Thanking You,
_________ (Signature),
_________ (Name),
_________ (Employee ID)

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