Apology Email to a Friend – Sample Apology Email to Friend

To:        _________@____.__ (Receiver’s email address)
Bcc/Cc: _________@____.__ (Bcc/ Cc receiver’s email address)

From:   _________@____.__ (Sender’s email address)

Subject: Apology for Argument and Being Rude

Dear __________ (Name),
I hope this email finds you well. I would like to extend a sincere apology for the heated argument) we had on __/__/_____ (date). I deeply regret my behavior during that time and want to express how sorry I am for the hurtful things I said to you.

I want to assure you that I did not intend to hurt your feelings. My actions were a result of __________ (frustration/anger/pressure/any other reason), and I deeply regret letting my emotions get the best of me. I understand how my words affected you and our friendship.

I value our friendship immensely, and I am truly sorry for my inappropriate conduct. Please accept my apology and know that I deeply regret my actions.

Thank you for your understanding and for giving me a chance to make amends.

___________ (Your Name)

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