Email Request for Diploma – Sample Email Requesting Diploma

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Subject: Diploma Request – Student ID: __________

Dear __________ (Full Name of Registrar),

I am __________ (Your Name), a student enrolled in the __________ (Your Program) program at __________ (Your University/College). I hope this message finds you well.

Student Details:

Full Name: __________ (Your Full Name)
Student ID: __________ (Your Student ID)
Program: __________ (Your Program and Class)
I am writing to formally request my diploma for the successful completion of my academic requirements. I have fulfilled all the necessary criteria for graduation, and I am eager to receive the diploma that signifies the completion of my program.

I shall be obliged if you could provide guidance on the process and timeline for diploma distribution. If there are any specific forms or fees required, please inform me, and I will promptly fulfill the necessary requirements.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I appreciate your assistance in completing this final step of my academic journey.


__________ (Your Full Name)
__________ (Your Program and Class)
__________ (Your Student ID)
__________ (Your Contact Information)

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