Email Requesting to Conduct a Coordination Meeting – Coordination Meeting Request Email Sample

To: _________@____.__
Bcc/Cc: _________@____.__

From: _________@____.__

Subject: Request for Coordination Meeting

Respected ________ (Name/ Sir/ Madam),

I am ___________ (name), and I am working at your esteemed company for the past ____________ (tenure with the company) as a ____________ (designation). My employee ID number is ____________ (employee ID number).

This email is on behalf of the ____________ (department) in order to request kind assistance in organizing a coordination meeting with _________ (mention). The purpose of this meeting is to conduct a discussion and coordinate with ____________ (attendee) regarding the ____________ (project name). I am sure and believe that a face-to-face meeting would be much more beneficial to proceed further with the project efficiently.

For the same, I request holding the meeting on __/__/____ (date) at __:__ (time). The ideal venue for this meeting would be ________ (venue name), but the same could be changed to any suitable location and time you suggest.

I request you to kindly let me know about the proposed date and time so that I could successfully send the invitation and share the agenda timely. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at _________ (contact details).

Best regards,

______________ (Digital signature – if applicable)
______________ (Name),
______________ (Contact details)

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