Apology Email for Delay in Delivery of Car – Sample Email to Apologize for the Delay in Delivery of Car

Respected Sir/ Madam,

This email is in reference to the car booking that was made by you bearing vehicle booking number _____________ (booking number) for _____________ (model/ make) at _____________ (company name).

As per the recent conversation held between us, the delivery of your car was scheduled for __/__/____ (date) but unfortunately due to ________________ (mention reason – unavailability of stock/ any other reason), the car will not be delivered on the said date.

Most courteously, we apologize for the delay that you encountered. The delivery of the car has been rescheduled to __/__/____ (date). For any queries, you may contact at ________________ (contact number) or respond to this email.

Thanking you,
___________ (Your name),
___________ (Designation),
___________ (Contact details)

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